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Live Happy: Mental Health for Seniors

A relaxed senior couple enjoying a peaceful moment in the day.

“The only journey is the journey within.” Rainer Maria Rilke

One of the factors of your overall health is your mental wellbeing. When you have a positive mental outlook, it influences how you behave and how you view the world. And if you take care of your mental health, you can prevent the onset or relapse of illness — either physical or mental — which is particularly important as you age.

That’s why the professionals at Meadow Lakes commit themselves to developing the best activities and amenities on our campus to help you live your healthiest life. Below, we discuss some of the ways our senior community helps impact the mental health of residents in a positive way.

Feel Your Best: Mental Health Tips for Seniors

Expand Your Palate with Healthy Food. Food is fuel. That means it’s imperative that you get the proper nutrients to stay healthy in both mind and body. Thankfully, at Meadow Lakes, we have boundless healthy food to choose from. Our dining area always has a variety of healthy choices prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. And because residents have a say in menu items, you’re always welcome to make new suggestions.

Grow Your Mind with a Book. An engaged mind is a healthy mind. Our campus library has a wide variety of reading material to keep your brain engaged, from classic novels to best sellers to current newspapers and magazines.

Express Yourself through Creativity. Allowing your imagination to flow freely can be a great boost to your mental health. In our art studio, you can build inspiration and let your mind wander as your paintbrush drifts across the campus. You may even find yourself among other residents who have won awards in the Annual NJ Senior Citizens Art Show.

Find a Peaceful Moment in Our Arboretum. It’s easy to relax when you can steal away for a peaceful moment with your natural surroundings. Our 103-acre campus contains an accredited arboretum that’s cared for by a full-time arborist. Take a relaxing stroll and learn about each plant, flower and tree along our wooded paths.

Connect to Your Community. Socialization plays a large roll in an improved sense of wellbeing and a lower risk of depression. Thankfully, there’s plenty of social opportunities both on our campus and in the surrounding community of East Windsor, NJ. Take a neighbor to enjoy a show at one of the local theaters. Join in the excitement of one of historical society events and make new friends. Or grab a loved one and go wine tasting at one of the many nearby wineries.

Experience How to Be Mentally Healthy at Meadow Lakes

At Meadow Lakes, we take your health and enjoyment seriously. But don’t just take our word for it. Resident Enid Mantell told us about how she enjoys the social elements of the community. “For me at this stage in my life, I feel like an active social life is the most important thing. I lived in a 55 and older community and felt like I was in a rut; I wanted more social interaction. At Meadow Lakes there is always something new to do and learn. I enjoy the art classes here which fulfill my creative needs as well as the many other programs and events offered. Living here is living in beauty — especially my apartment. I wake up every morning to a pretty view of the gardens.”

Come find peace and vibrancy at Meadow Lakes. Schedule a visit or contact our team to learn more about our healthy living philosophy.

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