The Latest Community Status and Safety Measures

As we manage our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and health of our residents and staff remains our top priority. From the beginning of this health crisis, our actions have been guided by our healthcare professionals and medical directors, in compliance with mandates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the State and local departments of Health. Our goal is to provide open communication to the greatest degree possible so we can keep residents, families and staff members informed. To that end, we are providing the following resources:

COVID-19 Status Line: 609-426-6285
Call for a recorded message on current community status. This recording will be updated regularly.

Urgent Calls: 609-448-4100
Call 24/7 to reach Meadow Lakes for urgent matters.

Status Updates (Date of last update: 10/13/2021): Download PDF
Current healthcare community status report including information to help families know what is happening in loved one’s environment. This report will be updated regularly.

COVID-19 Vaccine Q & A (posted 12/22/2020): Download PDF
The approval of two vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration for use against COVID-19 is welcome news, but there are still many steps ahead to begin the process of vaccinations in our Springpoint communities. To address the many questions we have received from residents, family members and staff, we have developed this Q & A.

Springpoint COVID-19 Response Updates from Anthony A. Argondizza, Springpoint President and CEO: Read Here >

Outbreak Plan: View Outbreak Plan PDF >
The Meadow Lakes comprehensive plan to respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

Lessons Learned

Following is a summary of the key lessons learned by Springpoint and our communities from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Our Residents Inspire Us – the seniors we are privileged to care for are amazing individuals who inspire us with their resilience, grace and spirit. Through their gratitude and words of encouragement, our residents often raised the spirts of the staff as the staff did in kind. In some ways, the shared experience of the pandemic has created a special bond between our staff and residents.
  • Our employees are heroes – Our Springpoint heroes spent time away from home, with the residents we are privileged to care for. Our leadership team recognized and acknowledged the sacrifice of the staff through an incentive bonus program and recognition events.
  • Education is Essential – Springpoint quickly enacted an educational plan to ensure the safety and health of all of the residents, staff and families based on the outbreak and community level infection rate. We ensure that infection control is a priority in each community and guides our response to the evolving situation.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Procurement – Sourcing and maintaining sufficient stockpiles of PPE for our staff is critical to ensuring continued success in our battle to curb the virus. Springpoint has a dedicated resource focused on PPE procurement and supply chain management to assure that each of community has at least a 90-day supply along with a central bank of additional supply to remain stocked and ready in case of outbreak.
  • Communication to all stakeholders is critical to success – From the outset, Springpoint and each community focused on making sure residents, staff and family members alike were kept informed regarding our response to the pandemic and evolving directives from health officials, the ongoing case status and what we were doing to keep our communities safe.
  • Importance of Testing and Data – It is critical to have facts on which to base our clinical decisions and effectively guide our care. We recognize that data must drive our clinical decisions and human needs drive our person centered care decisions. Meeting the data-driven quality care standards while maintaining a high-level of human caring is the science and art behind living at a Springpoint community.

Latest Message From Our CEO Anthony Argondizza – 09/21/2021

Anthony ArgondizzaDear Friends,

Eighteen months ago, when we implemented the first measures to battle COVID-19, we never imagined that the fight against this pandemic would last so long. I am grateful to our staff members for the heroic job they’ve done during these uncertain times. Their commitment to creating exceptional experiences for those we serve in the face of unprecedented challenges will be an inspiration for future generations of Springpoint employees. It is a legacy that will not be forgotten.

Throughout this pandemic, our top priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff. We have followed the requirements of federal, state and local health officials, with guidance from our medical director and the clinical expertise of our Health Services team.

Springpoint is steadfast in our commitment to provide the safest possible living and working environment and we believe that a fully vaccinated workforce is the best way to do so. To that end, we will now require that all Springpoint staff members be fully vaccinated by November 15, 2021. Those who are not vaccinated will be considered to have voluntarily resigned from their position. Employees can contact Human Resources to apply for exemption consideration for certified medical reasons or strongly held religious beliefs.

This decision was made after a great deal of discussion and in consultation with our medical, clinical, operations and human resource professionals. We weighed a number of competing factors before making this decision. With the rise of the Delta variant, increasing cases and concerns expressed by residents and families, we feel we must take aggressive action to best protect those who live and work with us.

We are proud to announce that as of today, 69% of all Springpoint employees are fully vaccinated. To those employees who stepped up to get the shot and help protect themselves and others, we are grateful. Vaccinations are provided for all staff free of charge at Springpoint communities. We encourage those employees who are not yet been vaccinated to take action by the November 15 deadline.

Each and every one of our employees is an important contributor to our legacy of exceptional service and care and we hope that all employees will continue to be part of the Springpoint family.

To our staff, I am grateful for all that you do to keep residents and coworkers safe and healthy. To residents and families, thank you for your ongoing support as we manage through the ever shifting tides of this pandemic.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness.

Anthony A. Argondizza
President & CEO

To view our COVID-19 Response Updates from our CEO, click here.

Here are some resources that may be useful to you and your family on COVID-19 (Coronavirus):