What You Need to Know About Our Life Plan Community

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A Life Plan Community offers various levels of senior housing options and care services designed to meet residents’ specific needs. Meadow Lakes is a nonprofit, full-service premier Life Plan Community offering comfortable and spacious apartments, as well as access to health care should you or your spouse’s health needs shift.

Meadow Lakes is located in East Windsor, New Jersey, on Etra Road, across the street from the Peddie School athletic fields.

Like all Life Plan Communities, you enter into a service agreement at Meadow Lakes. This agreement gives you use of your home at Meadow Lakes campus, as well as access to our array of services, amenities, and programs. It is not a real estate transaction, so you do not own your residence.

Not only can you continue to enjoy your current interests, but you’ll have a myriad of new cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities to explore. Swim laps in our outdoor or indoor pools, stroll through our community arboretum, or join a discussion group with your friends. Additionally, you can head into Princeton anytime you like, with scheduled outings off campus occurring regularly.

Yes, in fact, we offer one of the most flexible dining choices you’ll find! Whether you choose casual dining in our Lakeside Café or the more traditional dining in our beautiful dining room, you’ll enjoy delicious, healthy food. We also offer very popular brunches and buffets throughout the week. We also offer private dining options if you and your family wish to celebrate a special occasion—reserve the private dining room and select your menu with the help of our chef or have us cater the event in your home. And guests are always welcome!

Aside from our parties and celebrations, you may bring wine or beer to dinner.

Friends and family are always welcome to visit with you, even overnight. Need more room? We offer a guest room for a small fee. All visitors must be registered for the safety of all residents and guests.

Pets are part of our families, so of course, we accept well-behaved domestic pets. There are waste bins, water bowls and even treats throughout our pet-friendly community!

To ensure financial stability, we have a financial qualifying process that is conservative in nature and is based on your age at entry, your assets, and your income. Springpoint has never asked a resident to leave due to inability to pay. If through no fault of your own, you can’t make your full monthly payment, the Springpoint Foundation offers a Resident Financial Assistance Program to provide financial assistance on your behalf.