An Active Lifestyle for the Mind, Body and Spirit at Meadow Lakes

At Meadow Lakes, LivWell goes far beyond traditional senior living activities. This comprehensive, award-winning senior wellness program is recognized for innovation by LeadingAge New Jersey. Our LivWell philosophy is “to provide the opportunity to engage in experiences which support a high quality of life, personal choice, lifelong development and an optimal sense of well-being.” 

LivWell focuses on whole-person wellness, catering to each of the seven dimensions with a deep understanding of your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environment, spiritual and vocational needs. Every team member undergoes specialized training and works directly with residents to develop our programming, ensuring all residents enjoy an engaging, stimulating life full of activities. 

Creating Personalized Opportunities to Thrive

Watch our video below to get a glimpse of our LivWell programming:

LivWell at Meadow Lakes is all about choice. As part of our new resident orientation, we’ll create a unique profile utilizing tools like our Lifestyle Questionnaire to guarantee we design programming based on your desired level of engagement and goals right from the start. Residents are key to bringing the gift of new ideas for the abundance of activities available. Whether you love structured fitness classes or woodworking, want to walk a 5k or dance at your granddaughter’s wedding, LivWell offers high-quality activities that will hit the mark, with noticeable strides in wellness in all seven dimensions. 

We believe in providing every opportunity to allow residents to never stop learning or growing, as we know this leads to the best sense of well-being. Keep discovering, keep engaging and live your best life. 

Living Well at Meadow Lakes

Examples of our LivWell programming include: 

  • On-Site Health and Wellness Education 
  • Daily Aquatic Exercise Classes – Indoor & Outdoor Pools 
  • Yoga and Tai Chi Classes 
  • Sports Clubs and Tournaments 
  • Community Connections/Local Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Resident Scholar Lectures 
  • Environmental Awareness & Appreciation Group 

The fact is people can grow stronger, healthier and more engaged in life at any age! Our nationally renowned partners include: 

  • The National Institute on Aging 
  • The National Institute of Health 
  • Go4Life! 
  • The International Council on Active Aging 
  • Total Brain Health 
  • Exercise is Medicine-ACSM 

 To learn more about our unique LivWell program, visit Meadow Lakes or contact us for more information.