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Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Age

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The Importance of Keeping Your Brain Healthy as You Age

Our brains change as we age, and one of the most feared outcomes is a decrease in cognitive function. However, cognitive decline isn’t necessarily inevitable. Healthy mental aging is determined by a variety of factors, including lifestyle choices. Studies show that engaging in mentally stimulating activities, even later in life, may decrease the risk of mild cognitive impairment.

This is why Meadow Lakes makes it a priority to help you stay mentally active. Our continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers a diverse range of activities and amenities you want to ensure healthy mental aging. Keep reading to explore just a few ways our community can help you keep your brain healthy and active.

5 Ways Your CCRC Can Help Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

  1. Access to Creative Hobbies: Activities that focus on hand-eye coordination and creativity help exercise your mind. And, along with feeling proud of learning something new, expanding your talents engages your brain by improving memory and cognitive function. We offer a variety of outlets that allow you to express your creative side, including our stained-glass studio and art studio. Here, you’re able to take classes, like a beading or drawing class, or stop in to work on your newest project.
  2. Opportunities to Volunteer: Taking time to offer your talents to others keeps you mentally stimulated and helps give you a greater sense of purpose. Resident Barbara Thompson loves to stay involved, and shares, “When residents of other communities learn about our many resident-initiated committees, including programs such as our Education Award Program that donates college tuition for employees, they say: ‘you have that at your community? ‘ They can’t believe how involved the residents are here; it makes a world of difference.”
  3. Engaged Continuing Education Sessions: Learning new things results in an active and stimulated mind. Take advantage of educational offerings at your CCRC and explore everything you can at our guest lecture series. Our community library is also at your disposal with newspapers and books awaiting your curious mind.
  4. Friendly Competition with Others: Card and board games offer leisurely, yet stimulating, activity. Meadow Lakes hosts weekly get-togethers with games like Scrabble and Rummikub. Or grab a deck of cards and a neighbor for an impromptu meet-up in one of our community areas. There is never a shortage of friends to join in on the fun. Not only do these games offer social engagement, but regular playing also increases patience, concentration and strategy skills.
  5. Interaction with Nature: Several studies show that nature walks have memory-promoting effects. In one study in particular, after being given a memory test, participates were divided into two groups: one group took a walk around an arboretum, and the other down a city street. After taking the test a second time, those who took a walk through the trees did almost 20% better than they had the first time, while the other group did not show consistent improvement. Our stunning campus at Meadow Lakes is an accredited arboretum, so your memory benefits every time you walk out your door. The wooded trails and sparkling lakes offer you the chance to relax and truly connect with the world around you.

Stay Mentally Active at Meadow Lakes

Meadow Lakes helps keep your mind active through various activities and amenities, and you’ll be surrounded by other intellectual individuals wanting to join you in participating. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your tour.

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