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Are You Moving to a Pet Friendly Community?

A senior woman and her granddaughter spend time with her dog.

It may come as a surprise, but it’s a fact that pets are actually good for your health. They bring more exercise opportunities as well as the happiness that comes with their unconditional love. And because of that love, our pets are more than just four-footed roommates — they’re family. So, when you choose to move to a senior living community, it’s important that they can come with you.

More and more senior living options are offering a pet friendly community, but you still want to make sure it’s the right place to call “home” for you and your furry friend. When you’re considering a community, there are a few questions you may want to ask first.

Questions to Ask When Moving with a Pet

  1. Do you allow pets? This should be the first question on your list if you have a pet you want to bring with you. There are many communities that allow pets for seniors, but there are still some that don’t. You don’t want to get your heart set on a community only to find out that your furry friend isn’t welcome.
  2. Are there any restrictions on breed, size or temperament? While the community your considering may allow pets, they can still have restrictions in place. If you have a larger dog like a golden retriever or a Great Dane, they may be less welcome than a small dog or cat. The community may also want to assess your pet’s temperament prior to your move to make sure they’ll be a good fit with the rest of the residents.
  3. Is there a limit on pets? For many families, it’s not uncommon to have multiple pets so Fido can socialize. If you have more than one dog or cat, ask the community how many pets each resident can have.
  4. Are there any community spaces available for pets? If you’re moving from a home with a yard, your pet is going to be used to having all that extra space to run and play. When you’re considering a senior living community, check to see if there is outdoor space where your furry friend can exercise.
  5. Is there a deposit or monthly fee for having a pet? When thinking about moving to a senior living community, you should start putting together a budget — and that budget should include any additional costs for pets. Ask if there is an initial deposit required or monthly fees.
  6. Do you have vaccination requirements for pets? Some communities have vaccination requirements to ensure the safety of every pet. Ask about any vaccination requirements and get necessary paperwork ready for your and your pets’ move.

Experience the Joy of a Pet Friendly Community with Meadow Lakes

Meadow Lakes wants to welcome you and your four-footed friend to our pet-friendly community. When you choose us, you’re choosing a premier senior living community as well as a place that’s comfortable for both you and your loved ones — including your pets! Our spacious apartments and cottages aren’t the only spaces for your furry companion to enjoy. We also have 103 acres of property, including an accredited arboretum. That’s acres and acres of space for your pet to run and play.

Contact our team today and schedule a tour so you can see how you and your pet can both live a vibrant life in our community.

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