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All the Benefits of Owning a Pet for Seniors

A senior man enjoys a book while petting his dog.

There’s just something extra that pets add to our homes. They’re not just roommates – they’re a part of the family. They’re there to greet you with loving affection every time you walk in the door, and they provide great company.

At Meadow Lakes, we’re here to make your move into senior living as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering a home to your furry family member as well. You’ll never have to leave your dog, cat, bird, fish or other pet behind. We want your pet to have a place in our community because we know they’re actually good for your wellbeing in multiple ways. Here are just a few ways having them with you is good for your overall health.

The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

The Benefits of Pets on Your Physical Health

Did you know that owning a pet can be great for your physical health? Harvard Health Publishing notes that a few health benefits of owning a pet are a reduced chance of heart disease, longevity and reduced stress. These health perks are directly linked to increased activity, thanks to your four-footed friend’s desire to play fetch and get outside for a walk.

Getting regular exercise is good for your overall health and increases your fitness levels. Exercise helps with weight control, lowering heart disease risks, management of blood sugar and insulin levels, bone strength and more. The next time your pet begs for a walk in the park or just one more game of fetch, give in — it could result in a healthier version of you.

The Benefits of Pets on Your Mental Health

Not only do your pets help create a physically healthier you, but they also help to improve your mental wellness. Because they depend on you for care, food and companionship, there’s a sense of meaning and stability in one’s life. Your four-footed companion’s company also provides comfort and socialization which can stave off loneliness and depression. Just petting your furry friend has the same results as hugging someone: a release of serotonin and dopamine which helps calm nerves and generally makes you feel good. Their unconditional love can also support you in your journey to reach happiness and peak mental health.

Discover Pet Friendly Senior Living at Meadow Lakes

Meadow Lakes is a pet friendly senior living community in East Windsor, NJ that welcomes both you and your creature family members. Our array of cottages and apartments as well as different campus amenities keep both you and your pet in mind. Our 103-acre accredited arboretum is the perfect place for a morning walk or a game of fetch. We’re also near pet-friendly community attractions like Mercer County Park and Working Dog Winery. Choosing Meadow Lakes means more than choosing a premier senior living community — it also means a comfortable home for you and your loved ones.

Contact our team today to see how you and your pet can experience a vibrant lifestyle at Meadow Lakes.

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