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Why Seniors and Technology are the Perfect Pair

Senior woman at home using her smartphone.

It’s understandable that seniors may become frustrated trying to keep up with advancements in technology. While this may be the case, these advancements can also assist seniors in maintaining a simpler and more fulfilled life. From safety to entertainment, apps and devices offer additional tools that can influence their lives for the better. Keep reading to learn a few benefits of technology for seniors.

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

  • Decreased Risk of Isolation – While no technology can replace face-to-face interaction, it does make it easier to stay close with family and friends. Being able to stay social through the use of video chat services or social media channels can increase socialization and connections to others, especially for those with family members who live far away.
  • A Stronger Sense of Security – One life-changing use of technology is to increase safety. Advancements like security devices and personal monitoring devices give you a peace of mind and knowledge that your safety is a priority. Plus, having a cell phone allows you to call for help with the push of a button should something happen that threatens your safety.
  • An Ability to Track Medical Information – Thanks to the use of electronic medical records, it’s much easier now to keep track of health information through mobile applications. Whether it be an app through your provider allowing you access to your health records and appointments or an alert that reminds you to take your medication, using technology to leverage your medical literacy is extremely beneficial to your health.
  • Fun – Along with the practical uses of technology, there are plenty of games and activities that allow you to have fun, while increasing your mental and physical health. For mental exercise, games like Tetris and Trivial Pursuit can be downloaded and played on electronic devices. If you’re looking for new ways to get some physical exercise, game systems like the Nintendo Wii is controlled by motion, allowing you to get up and move while playing.

Discover the Advantages of Technology at Meadow Lakes

At Meadow Lakes, we take advantage of technology to help offer benefits to our residents. One way we do this is through our communication system used in case of emergencies. Resident Barbara Thompson shares, “We have instant assistance at all times with a built-in alert system that provides 24-hour help.” This way, we’re able to better assist you in a timely manner.

We also encourage technology use through Touchtown, our resident engagement technology. This innovative programming allows all residents to stay connected to the happenings within the community. Whether it be through TVs in each room, an app on their phone or even using an Alexa device, each person is able to learn about the activities planned for the day. Simply by increasing communication through technology, resident engagement at Meadow Lakes has grown.

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