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Explore the Benefits of Being in Nature

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Enjoy the Positive Effects of Nature at Our Accredited Arboretum

It just feels right. Although there’s no word to quite describe what “it” is, when you first pull up to Meadow Lakes, you’ll experience a moment of awe as you take in your surroundings. Over 100 acres of trees tower over the land, some dating back to the mid-1700s and many likely to outlast those of us on Earth still today. Elsewhere, goats graze on the healthy, mature landscape and calm water ripples gently in the wind as onlookers cross a charming bridge.

Visitors to Meadow Lakes, are immediately taken by our indelible connection to the natural world, a first impression we’re quite proud of. While many senior living communities can extoll the virtues of their surrounding landscape, we can go a step further. At Meadow Lakes, the exceptional bio-diversity of our campus and grounds enabled us to join the American Public Gardens Association’s national registry as an accredited arboretum.

Not only do residents enjoy visiting The Robert A. Winters Arboretum, but they also experience numerous health benefits in living in such a beautiful, nature-centric area.

Nature’s Influence on a Healthy Retirement

Connecting to our environment has an overall positive impact on wellbeing. Joe Greipp, the Arboretum Director, and his team take great pride in ensuring the stunning landscape maintains its pristine condition and continues supporting the wellness of residents. Here are just a few of the benefits of being in nature you can look forward to as a resident of Meadow Lakes:

Expand Your Mind With Educational Opportunities

For residents and friends, we host tree walks and tours multiple times throughout the year. It’s always important to expand your mind, and our unique offering allows you to learn more about what’s happening right in your backyard.

Enjoy Physical Health Benefits

Relishing in the natural world around you is good for the body. The positive impact of nature includes a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced stress, according to ScienceDaily. Exposure to green-space improves the body’s functions, so why not live in a place where all you have to do is walk outside your door to reap these benefits!

Create New Connections to Your Community

Perhaps the most profound benefit of the arboretum is the ability to connect with others in the community. Events are hosted throughout the year, such as our Arbor Day prospective resident event. This is a special occasion that invites those wondering what life at Meadow Lakes is like to experience our community first-and and even contribute to its future by participating in a tree-planting ceremony. On Earth Day, neighboring Peddie School visits to give residents a chance to bond and grow with students while planting flowers along our lakes.

Joe shared one of his favorite moments during his tenure, which was hosting the New Jersey Tree Climbing Championship for professional arborists. Not only did the event draw people from all over the state, but residents brought families to sit and enjoy the competition on a warm June day. Whether it’s participating in a planned activity or simply inviting a friend to join in a walk, our arboretum brings people together.

Meadow Lakes: A Community Where You Can Grow and Blossom in Retirement

Those surrounded by nature lead happier, healthier lives. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Meadow Lakes! Schedule a visit today and see our breathtaking arboretum for yourself.

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