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Should I Get a Two-bedroom Apartment in a Senior Living Community?

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Thinking about downsizing? A one or two-bedroom apartment may suit your new lifestyle. Moving out into a one-bedroom will give you much-needed freedom, space, and privacy, and could also improve your mental well-being. You get to do what you want in your very own space, without feeling lost in a big home.

However, with an extra room, you can create a sense of space, provide an area for activities such as reading or crafts, or even use it for work. Having two bedrooms will be a great asset should you ever need to house guests in the future. Ultimately, moving into a two-bedroom apartment will likely be beneficial both now and in the long term.

Which apartment should you pick when you move into a senior living community? Read on for more information!

More and More People Are Choosing to Live in Two-bedroom Apartments, even if They Don’t Particularly Need a Spare

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and unsurprisingly, the size of your unit can have a significant impact on your daily life. While a one-bedroom apartment feels enough for a single person’s needs, a two-bedroom apartment opens up many possibilities.

One of the benefits of a two-bedroom apartment is the extra space it provides. With an additional room, you have more flexibility to create a comfortable and functional living space. Have a lot of books or a vast collection of vinyl? Turn your extra room into a library or a music room! Create a sanctuary of your favorite things and showcase them in one spot.

Having a second room gives you more space to move around. There’s no reason to cram all of your possessions in a single bedroom—you’ll have another to place them all together. This allows you to make your home look as tidy as possible.

Whatever you make the room into, it can be a great way to have “breathing space” in your apartment.

Another Factor That Makes a Two-bedroom Apartment a Better Choice? Privacy

Privacy is an important factor in every living space. It is a state where you can truly be you, undisturbed, uninterrupted, and unexposed. While one-bedroom apartments seem to be enough for people who live alone, on occasions when other people are in the house, such as visiting friends and family, you may get less privacy than before.

Fortunately, having a two-bedroom apartment changes all that. With an extra room, it’s easier to have guests over. Reserving a special room for your loved ones to stay in opens more venues for you to bond together, while still giving each of you the privacy you need. Grandkids can stay over school breaks. A family member can keep you company. When they’re not around, consider putting their favorite things in the second room—board games, a cabinet of toys, and many cushions—so they’ll be excited to visit you again.

If you are moving in with your partner or a roommate, a second room will prove to be most useful. Both of you can enjoy communal areas, such as the living room and the kitchen. However, what makes living together more harmonious is having a dedicated room solely for yourself. Here, in your personal sanctuary, you are free to enjoy the things you love, to meditate, and to rest whenever you need it.

If You’re Looking for an Affordable Place to Live, a Two-bedroom Apartment Is the Way to Go

Investing in a two-bedroom apartment offers a better return on investment compared to a one-bedroom apartment. While some people prefer the simplicity of the latter, more often than not, people are attracted to the added space and versatility that comes with a two-bedroom apartment.

For instance, if you have a lot of physical possessions you want to store in your apartment instead of in a separate storage facility, you can keep your items safe and sound. Having them nearby allows you to access them whenever you want. This is especially good for loved ones who may be suffering from cognitive decline and need physical reminders to help them remember the events in their lives.

A second room can also be a place to explore your creativity. Use it as a home office, an art room, or a place to work out and keep your body fit. Thus, you can dedicate your bedroom solely to rest and sleep.

Affordable, versatile, and bringing with it many possibilities, a two-bedroom apartment is a great idea if you are looking to downsize with comfort and practicality in mind. Stay independent, yet keep your door open for family visits and bonding. With an extra room, you can still enjoy the presence of your loved ones whenever they come and accommodate their privacy without sacrificing yours.

Live Comfortably at Meadow Lakes

Moving into a two-bedroom apartment offers many advantages. The extra room allows for more space to grow and develop, providing the perfect opportunity for people who are looking to expand their living area or increase the functionality of the space. It also provides extra storage options and can be used for many purposes, such as an office, guest room, or even just additional storage. It can also create a sense of privacy and independence while still being within reach of the comforts of home.

Meadow Lakes, a Life Plan Community in East Windsor, NJ, offers apartment options to suit your new lifestyle. Whether you’d prefer a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, we bring you comfort and style packed with excellent amenities, top-tier service, and a vibrant neighborhood. Contact us today to learn more.


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