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Top Walking and Hiking Trails Near East Windsor, NJ

Walking is one of the top cardio exercises for older Americans. Fortunately, our retirement community is close to several walking trails in the East Windsor area. Whether you prefer to take a stroll or to exert yourself by hiking, visiting any of the trails listed below will help you reach your fitness goals.

Would you like to see some nature as you walk? If so, we’ve got an impressive list of options for you!

Etra Park Trail

According to AllTrails, Etra Park is rated as the number one spot for walking in East Windsor Township. It has an easy rating and a 2.3-mile loop. Of course, if you’re not up for walking 2.3 miles yet, you can turn around at any point to cut the loop short.

This is a nice trail to walk, particularly from April through September. It only has a 42-foot elevation, which means that it’s relatively flat. Etra Park Trail is a great place to see dogs being walked, and you’ll also encounter lots of squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

Rocky Brook Pathway

At only 0.8 miles, Rocky Brook Pathway makes it super easy to get outside! The trail is paved, so you won’t have to worry about rocks or roots getting in your way, either. Just be sure you keep an eye out for cyclists, as this is a multi-use trail. You can find this trail by going to the Township’s northwest quadrant and looking near the municipal building.

Turnpike Park Pathway

If you’d like to find an even shorter path, why not check out Turnpike Park Pathway? It’s a dirt trail that lasts 0.65 miles and connects Turnpike Park and Old York Road (CR 539) with the Woods Road Community Park. Most of the trail is approximately eight feet across, but there is a small section where it has varying widths.

Bear Brook Pathway

This paved, multi-use trail is located in the Township’s western portion. You can pick it up parallel to Brooktree Road and Hickory Corner Road. From there, your 1-mile walk will allow you to enjoy residential neighborhoods. As a bonus, this trail also provides access to Wiltshire Park and Anker Park.

Disbrow Hill Trail

Here’s another paved path that lasts about 1 mile. It’s in the Township’s eastern portion and can be found near the Disbrow Hill Athletic Fields. If you go here on a nice spring or summer day, you may be able to see plenty of younger people playing sports. In fact, the main purpose of this trail is for recreation, which is why it goes right by the Disbrow Hill Athletic Fields.

Roosevelt Woodland Trail

If you’ve visited all of East Windsor Township’s trails, you can head over to Roosevelt, NJ, to experience their woodland area. Located only 15 minutes from the Township’s center, this trail is a hidden gem. It comes with a nicely sized trail that goes over a wetlands area. You can also give your legs a workout thanks to the wooden walkways that are found throughout the trial.

Zaitz Woods Nature Preserve

With its easy trails and emphasis on nature, the Zaitz Woods Nature Preserve is worth a trip. You can find it in nearby West Windsor Township. In fact, it’s only seven minutes from East Windsor Township’s center. Animals are welcome and there’s a clear trailhead. Be aware that this might not be the best place to visit during the heat of the summer unless you bring lots of bug spray with you.

Thomas J. May Nature Trail

Finally, there’s the Thomas J. May Nature Trail. You can find it in Robbinsville Township, which is only about seven minutes from East Windsor Township. The one thing to watch out for at this spot is that it has fallen into disuse. The one-mile trail doesn’t see a lot of activity, and as a consequence, there are areas where the trail almost seems to disappear. However, it won’t take long to walk through, and the trail always picks back again.

Get out there and explore!

Nature lovers will find lots to love in the area. There are several trails to scout out, and none of them are rated as difficult. Enjoy the local woods to relax, refuel and enhance your overall well-being.

Our picture-perfect and friendly Life Plan Community in East Windsor, NJ provides an engaging independent living lifestyle surrounded by nature. Visit us to find out more!

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