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Video Games for Seniors, Online Gaming’s Fastest Growing Community

More seniors than ever are playing video games. With a wide range of games available on computers, consoles, and smartphones, it’s easy to find something fun and entertaining. There are also a lot of benefits that make spending a few hours a day on video games more appealing to older adults than ever before.

The benefits of playing video games for seniors

According to AARP, video games are increasingly popular among seniors, with over 50.6 million active senior gamers in 2019. That number has only increased since the pandemic. According to Statista, about 6-percent of all gamers are over the age of 65. With a wide range of game choices and easy accessibility, it is easy to see why this number continues to grow!

There are several reasons why more seniors are picking up their controllers. Video games are more than just a way to pass the time — they can provide a lot of stimulation and social interaction. In fact, some studies show that video games may even promote positive mental health.

Video games are full of challenges and puzzles that stimulate the brain. Even games that seem simple, such as Tetris or Candy Crush, require a great deal of concentration. Studies have shown that children playing at least three hours of video games per day have improved memory and focus. According to Seniors Guide, this type of stimulation can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Most modern video games also have a social aspect to them. Some games allow players to connect with other people they know or allow them to challenge strangers. Other games allow players to chat with one another. This can be a great way to bond with friends or family that you may not be able to see every day.

In addition to providing mental benefits, video gaming can also improve physical health in seniors. Many new games on the market are designed to be physically engaging and require players to move around in order to accomplish tasks. This type of movement not only provides exercise but also keeps joints flexible and allows for improved balance, coordination, and agility.

What games are seniors playing?

There are thousands of games available to play. While mobile games are the most accessible, many senior gamers invest in a console or computer. No matter which device they have, gamers will be able to find a wide range of classic games, puzzles, role-playing games, and more. Here are some of the top games, separated by device.

  • Mobile games

Most modern phones will have a few games pre-installed on the device, but more can be found in Google Play or the App Store. Some are paid games, but you will find a lot of free games that have the option for you to pay money to get in-game bonuses.

Among the most popular free mobile games are Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Jigsaw Puzzle, Happy Color – Color by Number, Angry Birds, and Tetris.

  • Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch became a popular console among seniors during the pandemic. While games like Mario Kart and Mario Party Superstars can be fun for the whole family, there are several games that are perfect for relaxing on your own. Animal Crossing is among the most popular games for seniors. If you are looking for some more nostalgic games, you can also purchase several classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64 and Sega games for your device.

  • Xbox Series and PlayStation 5

While both the Xbox and PlayStation have exclusive titles, many of the games seniors love to play are available on both platforms. You may want to consider an Xbox or PlayStation if you enjoy more action-oriented, fast-paced games like Call of Duty. You’ll also find plenty of family-friendly games like Plants vs. Zombies, Minecraft, The Sims and Candy Crush.

  • PC games

While many console games are also available on PC, the requirements to play will vary by title. However, you don’t need an extraordinary computer to play some simple games. Games like Wordle, Solitaire and Tetris don’t take a lot of computing power and can be played for hours on end.

Ultimately, playing video games can be a great way for seniors to stay engaged, healthy, and connected with friends and family. Seniors should consider incorporating video games into their daily routine in order to reap the many physical and mental benefits they offer.

With so many different types of games available, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone!

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