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The Importance of Spiritual Wellness

Senior woman relaxing and reflecting as a way to improve her spiritual wellness.

Your spirituality is a deeply personal matter, something that does not take on a one-size-fits-all approach and can look different from person to person. While achieving spiritual wellness differs between individuals, it generally involves a deep investigation into one’s personal meaning and finding a connection to something bigger than oneself. There is a goal to find a clear purpose in life and act in accordance with that motive.

At Meadow Lakes, we offer opportunities for residents to improve all seven dimensions of wellness – physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and vocational. Let’s take a closer look at ways to improve spiritual wellness.

5 Spiritual Wellness Opportunities

  1. Examine your inner values. Reflecting on values and the things that are most important to us is a great way to improve spiritual wellness. Ask yourself, what do I value? What is my purpose? Am I using these ideals to influence my thoughts and decisions?
  2. Set aside time every day to do something that relaxes you. This could be something like writing in a journal or even sitting and thinking about your day. Connecting with yourself and allowing you to take some deserved “me time,” even for just a couple minutes per day, helps you to develop a better sense of who you truly are.
  3. Immerse yourself in meditation or prayer. If you want to explore a form of non-religious spirituality, meditate. If you believe in a higher being, pray. Both of these activities offer an opportunity to nurture your mind and create a stronger bond to your spiritual wellness. If you’re not sure where to start, we suggest you check out guided meditations provided by UCLA Health to begin with.
  4. Connect with the natural world around you. You’d be amazed by how much connecting to our environment positively influences our wellbeing, including our spiritual wellness. For some, there’s nothing more centering than connecting with the world around us. Take some time to connect with nature, whether it be a walk outside or gardening.
  5. Connect with your community. Volunteering for a cause that you believe in and spending time sharing your talents with others gives you a greater sense of purpose. Selflessly giving your time or resources allows you to actively live out your values and ideals.

Discover Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness at Meadow Lakes

Holistic wellness is a priority at Meadow Lakes. Barbara Thompson, a resident at Meadow Lakes, recognizes the importance of spiritual wellness and actively lives out her values through volunteer opportunities in the community. She shared, “When residents of other communities learn about our many resident-initiated committees, including programs such as our Education Award Program that donates college tuition for employees, they say: you have that at your community? They can’t believe how involved the residents are here; it makes a world of difference.”

Contact us today to learn more about ways you’re able to improve your overall wellness – mind, body and spirit – in our community.

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