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Benefits of Social Interactions and Activities for Seniors

Bicycling seniors enjoying activities and social interactions

While we’ve all heard that staying physically active is important to our health, less has been said about staying socially active. Yet, social activity is just asimportant to our health as we age. Just as physical activity keeps our bodies in shape and our minds engaged, social activity comes with multiple benefits, as well.

While most of us can find time and an activity we enjoy to stay physically active, it may be harder to find ways to remain socially active. As we age, we may find that our family members begin to move away and our friend circles shrink. These factors, along with potentially being less mobile than we once were, can lead to social isolation.

While social activity may be harder to come by, it’s important to do what you can to stay social and engaged with the world around you. Making social activity a priority in your life can encourage a more positive outlook while keeping our minds active.

5 Benefits of Social Interactions for Seniors

Continuing a life of social activity and engagement has proven health benefits. Below are a few examples of how staying socially active can positively impact your health and overall social wellness:

1. Boosted Immune System

Our immune systems thrive when our bodies and minds are healthy. Staying socially active has been shown to keep our immune systems functioning at a higher level. Laughing with friends on the phone or spending quality time with the ones we love can help keep serious conditions, such as the flu, away.

2. Improved Mood

Speaking of laughing with friends, have you ever noticed how your mood seems to improve when you are with people that bring joy to your life? Social interactions have a way of improving our moods and increasing our joy. Joy is contagious, and when we spend time with people that we love, our spirits are bolstered and our joy increases.

3. Better Physical Health

Spending time with others is even known to improve our physical health. Chances are, if you are spending time with friends, you’re also likely to be engaging in some sort of activity. Whether it’s going to the store, or going for a walk, the time you spend with others is time not spent on the couch.

4. Sharper Mind

When we talk and debate with our friends, we are keeping our minds engaged and increasing our overall mental health. Cognitive stimulation is important in fighting off brain-debilitating diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Making it a point to spend time with friends and learning new things can slow or alter the onset of these diseases and sharpen our minds.

5. Better Sleep

When social isolation takes over, anxiety can increase, causing disturbances in our sleep patterns. Maintaining healthy relationships can combat this anxiety. Studies have shown that those who have healthy, engaged relationships sleep better and wake up feeling rested.

Improving Social Wellness at Meadow Lakes

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) like Meadow Lakes make it easier for seniors to stay socially active. Meadow Lakes offers an inviting community with friendly neighbors, many social activities and amenities to keep you active, and a warm and engaging staff to help you settle into your new life. Through our LivWell program, you’ll be encouraged to stay physically and socially active, keeping your mind and body in shape and your spirit lifted.

If you want to learn more about life at Meadow Lakes, contact us. We’ll give you a tour and show you how, at Meadow Lakes, you’ll never be without a friend.

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