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Dive into the Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

A group of senior women splash their feet happily in the water.

With the sweltering days of summer at hand, what better way to cool off than with a relaxing swim? While you’re enjoying the restorative properties of the water, you can also experience the health benefits of swimming. At Meadow Lakes, we’ve found the benefits of swimming for seniors and want to share some easy pool exercises with you.

4 Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

  1. Enhanced heart health. You probably have noticed your heart beating faster when you exercise. This increased heart rate improves the heart’s function as well as blood flow. In turn, these enhanced functions help to lower your risk of heart disease.
  2. Better breathing. Unlike most other exercises, swimming causes you to breathe in quickly and exhale slowly. Because you’re changing the way you inhale and exhale, your respiratory muscles strengthen.
  3. Workout with low impact. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, swimming won’t stress your back or joints. But it’s still a proven full-body workout for muscle tone and strength. If you struggle with pain in your back, knees or hips, swimming and water aerobics are the perfect workout solutions.
  4. Improves mental health. The repetitive yet relaxing and meditative action of swimming can be a stress-relieving experience. Let your mind drift with each stroke through the water, focus on your breathing and see how relaxed and restored you are at the end of your time in the pool.

4 Pool Exercises for Seniors

  1. Leg lifts. If you want to work all the muscles in your legs while improving your balance and core strength, try this exercise in the pool. Find an open area in the water, stand and lift one leg out to the side and then back down. Switch legs.
  2. Pool jogging. Pool jogging is a great way to add a low-impact exercise into your routine to get your heart rate up. Simply jog in place in the water or from one side of the pool to the other.
  3. Standing water push-ups. This exercise builds arm, chest and shoulder strength without causing undue stress on your joints. Start by standing next to the pool wall and place your hands on the edge a little more than shoulder-width apart. As you bend your arms, lean towards the wall and then push back out.
  4. Swimming. A relaxing dip in the pool is nice, but if you want to get your heart rate up, you need something a little more impactful. Swim laps at a faster pace to increase heart rate and burn calories.

Learn More about Exercise and Swimming for Seniors at Meadow Lakes

At Meadow Lakes, we encourage residents to participate in every aspect of their health. To inspire physical health, our community proudly boasts our two pools: both indoor and outdoor. Whatever the weather in East Windsor, NJ, you can be sure to find regular water aerobics classes or time for a swim on your own. Contact our team today to learn more about our healthy living program and schedule your personal tour of the Meadow Lakes community.

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