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5 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Tips for downsizing your home

Letting go of objects with years of memories attached to them is hard. Yet, moving to a new home can be so refreshing. Downsizing is a necessary step for those who wish to lessen the time they spend tending to their now oversized homes and increase the time they have to spend with the people and activities they love.

Make Downsizing Easy

Sorting through years of memories and personal belongings can be a tough job. We’ve created a way to make it easier through the five tips listed below. Find what you need to get started downsizing:

  1. Begin Earlier Even if you’re not sure when you’ll be moving to a new home, you may want to begin downsizing sooner to allow an easier transition when you do decide to move. By beginning earlier, you’ll help make it easier, allowing yourself the time needed to make decisions on what stays and what goes.
  2. Remember Location Thinking of moving to a warmer climate? Or, will your new place be in an apartment? When you begin downsizing, keep location and style of living in mind. If you’re moving to a warmer climate, will you really need those heavy winter coats and other winter apparel? If moving to a condo you may no longer need your lawn mower, leaf blower or other yard-enhancing equipment. Considering location will help make decisions easier as you downsize. In addition to the type of living situation and location, you must also remember the amount of space you’ll now have. Will your new home have an additional guest bedroom or multiple, full baths? If not, be sure to remove these multiples from your packing pile.
  3. Make Decisions Speaking of decisions, you have to make them when downsizing. And by this we mean, no “maybe” piles. Separate your things into “yes” and “no” piles only. “Maybe” piles can increase in a hurry, bringing you right back to where you started in the downsizing process. Try to make quick decisions when sorting through your things to make the decisions as easy and painless as possible.
  4. Divide it Up Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Separate the work into smaller sections, such as rooms or categories. Spend time in your hobby room deciding what can go and what must stay. After you’ve finished with one room, move on to the next. By dividing up the work, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and find it easier to begin, and continue, the downsizing process.
  5. Lessen Multiples With bigger homes comes the need for multiples. From lamps to bedroom sets, you’re sure to have many duplicate items. If you’re having trouble deciding which of your multiple items should stay and which need to go, put them all in a single location and decide which would suit you and your new lifestyle best. Donate, giveaway, or sell the other, unneeded items.

Make Meadow Lakes Your New Home

Downsizing your home doesn’t have to mean downsizing your life. Life at Meadow Lakes is full of vibrant energy in the form of new friends, endless amenities and activities, and a community your sure to love. With multiple living options to choose from, you’ll enjoy maintenance-free living at it’s finest.

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