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Senior Living for Couples

Happy senior couple enjoying life in a CCRC

Over the past several years, the number of couples aged 60 and over who have reported being married has increased, according to research from the U.S. Census Bureau. With this increase in married partners aging together comes the need for thoughtful planning. As the individual needs of each person can change over time, looking into a living situation that will fit both partners is imperative. You’ll want to make sure you have a true plan in place that allows you to continue living your lives together, as closely as possible.

Growing Old Together: Understanding the Changes that Come with Aging

As you age, each of your needs can change. And while you’re used to doing everything together, your care needs may not follow the same timeline. One of you may still be enjoying an active, independent lifestyle while the other is in need of more attentive care.

Additionally, being the primary caregiver for a spouse can be challenging. The toll it takes to care for a loved one may cause physical and emotional stress to the caregiving spouse who may not be equipped to handle the associated care needs. Taking the time to research options flexible enough to fit both spouses’ future needs, before those needs arise, can be the best way to avoid unnecessary stress in your lives.

Planning for Your Future Needs

Before you’re ready to retire, take the time to have a conversation with your spouse to figure out exactly what each of you want retirement to look like. Whether you’re hoping to improve your golf game, continue volunteering, or stay fit and socially active, you’ll want to map out how to achieve the lifestyle you both desire. While planning for all the fun retirement offers, be sure to discuss a plan for if, or when, care needs arise.

Many couples’ future plans include downsizing. After raising a family, your once full home can feel overwhelming as space once needed for a growing family is now more of a maintenance burden. Couples facing the decision of selling their homes and decreasing their living space often look to retirement communities, which offer them many different amenities, access to care, and little to no home maintenance efforts. Continuing care retirement communities allow couples to enjoy their retirement years together, worry-free, in a comfortable, manageable space with peace of mind for the future.

The Benefits Retirement Communities Offer to Couples

Home maintenance and repairs are a thing of the past in senior living communities. Both exterior and in-home maintenance are offered by these communities, offering worry-free living to the couples that enjoy them. With round the clock security and private apartment options, couples can live independently while feeling secure in their homes.

Those who enjoy an active social calendar will feel right at home in a senior living community. Spend time getting to know your new neighbors by playing a round of golf. Or, have a date night with your spouse at the movies. With an endless array of amenities and a full calendar of engaging activities and events, you’ll never be without something to do. And, with many neighbors also enjoying their retirement years, you’ll always have a friend to enjoy life with.

If the need for care arises, the staff at the CCRC are there for you and your spouse every step of the way. Care needs progress differently as we age, and Life Plan communities are equipped for this. If one of you needs more assistance than the other, that assistance will be given to the person in need, while the other person will still be able to live independently. Being in a supportive role for your spouse, rather than being the primary caregiver, will lessen the stress on you both. If skilled nursing services are needed, you can rest assured that you and your spouse can continue to live together on the same campus. Senior living communities allow both partners to live healthfully and happily together as they age.

Stay Together as You Age at Meadow Lakes

Moving to a continuing care retirement community while you’re still healthy and active has been proven to increase your chances of a longer, more active life. With many independent living options available and our award-winning LivWell program that focuses in improving wellness in all seven dimensions, Meadow Lakes offers the amenities you need to stay healthy and engaged in life.

Learn how you and your spouse can create the exciting and vibrant retirement dreams you’ve been working toward. If you’d like to schedule a personal tour of our beautiful continuing care retirement community in East Windsor, New Jersey, please contact us today.

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